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The successful redevelopment of an abandoned or underutilized contaminated property, often referred to as a “brownfields site”, requires the teaming and skills of the many disciplines involved with commercial development. StoneHill provides the expertise required to assess the risks posed by environmental contaminants associated with a Brownfields site and determine the cost to minimize identified risks. The strict liability imposed by the federal Superfund program on owners and operators of contaminated property has had the unintended result of discouraging the repurchase and reuse of some contaminated properties. However, many States and the U.S. EPA have established Brownfields Programs which provide incentives for redevelopment of abandoned or underutilized contaminated properties by persons or organizations which did not cause the contamination. Such incentives potentially include grants, loans, environmental insurance, and liability indemnification. Brownfields programs pertain to sites contaminated with hazardous substances - chlorinated solvents, metals, coal tar - or petroleum releases not associated with use of petroleum spill cleanup funds. Following completion of a site investigation, risk assessment and remediation as necessary, a purchaser could receive comprehensive liability protection. Risked-based cleanup goals are often established in conjunction with restrictions on future site use, allowing site development without cleaning up to background conditions. A covenant-not-to-sue is often obtained which protects the purchaser against liability for past contamination and future contamination that may be identified. As a key member of the development team, StoneHill’s common sense approach to Brownfields sites provides value added benefit, improving the economic viability of such projects.

Selected Project Summary

StoneHill assisted the purchaser of this former machine shop and the U.S. Small Business Administration obtain one of the first Certificates of No Further Action issued for a New Hampshire Brownfields property StoneHill prepared a Site
Investigation Plan which was approved by the NH Department of Environmental Services, completed soil borings, collected soil samples for laboratory analyses, installed groundwater monitoring wells, collected groundwater samples for Site presence of laboratory analyses and prepared a comprehensive1,1,1-TCA, 1,1-DCA and chloroethane in groundwater, the concentrations were below NHDES
Method 1 Groundwater Quality Standards. Additionally, while likely release locations were identified, none of the groundwater contaminants were identified in soil samples collected. Soil analytical results indicated elevated concentrations of arsenic and total petroleum hydrocarbons, above applicable NH standards. The RAP was implemented, a Completion Report prepared and a Certificate of No Further Action generated by the State within five months of commencement of the project.

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