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Timothy Stone, PG, LSP, President, is a geologist/hydrogeologist with over 35 years of experience managing contaminated soil/groundwater investigations and remediation projects, conducting water supply studies, and providing expert litigation support. He has been a Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP) since the program inception in 1993 and is a licensed Professional Geologist in several States including New Hampshire and Maine. Tim manages StoneHill operations and provides principal oversight for all site investigation and remediation projects. In the early part of his career he worked for the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and on a U.S. EPA nationwide emergency response contract. That experience, combined with private consulting, contributes to his objective and pragmatic approach to projects, and effective negotiating with regulatory agencies. Tim has been involved with numerous professional and community non-profit organizations. He was formerly President of the NH Council of Professional Geologists, the organization responsible for establishment of professional geologist licensing in New Hampshire. He also hosts a weekly environmental news/interview program on Portsmouth Community Radio, WSCA-LP 106.1FM, a non-commercial community radio station which he helped establish in 2004. He is always looking for interesting guests to interview on The Environmental Hour. Tim's other interests include ocean sailing, hiking, bicycling, and snowboarding.

Elissa Hill Stone, Senior Project Manager, is a Certified Environmental Manager and Environmental Professional with over 37 years of professional experience in management of multi-discipline environmental projects. She manages the company's Due Diligence program, and is the corporate Health and Safety Officer. Her background includes hands-on experience with Superfund and Department of Defense sites, wetland delineation and replacement, land application of residuals, tank facility compliance, underground tank closure, contaminated soil site investigation projects, and in particular environmental due diligence specialized to the wireless communications industry and regional banks. After hours, Elissa enjoys gardening and cooking.

Allen Wyman, Project Manager, is a Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP) with over twenty years of environmental consulting experience with consulting firms, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), and as an investigator for the LSP Board of Licensure. Allen has guided responsible parties, insurance companies, and legal counsel through the complex technical and regulatory aspects of environmental assessment, site remediation and water supply projects. Allen's technical and procedural expertise with the MassDEP and LSP Board, make him well equipped to balance the interests of a responsible party along with other stakeholders. Allen has provided expert testimony and worked with legal, technical and regulatory personnel assisting in both the prosecution and defense. Allen has operated and monitored water supply and remedial water treatment systems, conducted numerical modeling of Zone II boundaries and industrial water supply withdrawals. As a former chemist, Allen has a strong understanding of the interplay between sampling technique, chemical analyses techniques, and the effects of weathered or intermingled contaminants relative to past, current, and future liability concerns. This knowledge is critical in assisting clients through the remediation and closure process. He is skilled at interfacing with contractors, clients, regulators, and the public regarding data analysis, written reports, timelines, budgets, and regulatory concerns, bringing seemingly disparate stakeholders together to meet overall objectives of a project.

Cynthia A. Thayer, PG, CG, Project Manager, is a hydrogeologist with over 20 years of environmental and geological consulting experience. Her day-to-day responsibilities include project management and client relations, and she has had direct technical involvement with over 500 projects throughout New England. Ms. Thayer has strong communications skills, particularly as they relate to expressing technical findings and concepts in terms understandable by lay persons. She has served as peer and professional reviewer and technical advisor on groundwater and environmental issues for numerous local municipalities. Ms. Thayer has extensive experience and a long-term research interest in New England geology. She has authored and presented several professional papers on interdisciplinary topics related to the northern New England environment and collaborates with her husband on archaeological research projects. In her free time, she can usually be found at the barn caring for her Appaloosa horses.

Misty Cawthern, Senior Scientist ,is a geoscientist with 12 years of environmental consulting experience. She has completed projects including Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, site investigations, and remediation of contaminated properties ranging from industrial waste sites to residential oil spills. Outside of work, Misty enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, camping, and reading.

Christopher Lane, Project Scientist, is an environmental scientist who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science from Montana State University with a focus on soil and water science. Chris fell in love with the natural world at an early age and enjoys spending as much time as possible being active outdoors. His passion for science and for sharing knowledge with others was nourished during his time in Montana where he was a soils lab instructor, snowboard instructor, and full time outdoorsman. At StoneHill he has been involved in the completion of 100s of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments during which he has developed a proficiency for environmental due diligence. Chris has also conducted numerous field assignments including contaminated soil removal oversight, preparation of data transmittals and sampling air, soil and groundwater. Chris takes pride in bringing his high energy, positive attitude, and enthusiasm to all of his endeavors with StoneHill.

Sara M. Woods, Project Scientist, Office Support, is an environmental scientist with over 15 years of experience in environmental consulting and office administrative support. She is part of the support team and not only assists to with administrative duties at the StoneHill office, but also assists with preparation of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Sara is a New Hampshire native, but spent 8 years of her life after college in Colorado ski country. She spends her free time mountain biking, camping, hiking, snowboarding, cooking, gardening and spending time with family and friends.



Emily Mallory, Project Scientist, has a BA in Anthopology from the University of New Hampshire and is part of the support team conducting research for Phase I ESAs and Site Investigations, as well as preparation of report elements. Emily enjoys farming, gardening and raising her young twins.

Norman L. Stone, P.E., Senior Project Engineer, is a professional engineer (retired NH, NY) and a Grade 2 Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator with a wide variety of experience ranging from the design and installation of septic and wastewater treatment systems to conducting soils evaluations and providing support for remedial actions.


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