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Licensed Site Professional Services

Timothy S. Stone, Principal and Vice President of StoneHill, has been licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Licensed Site Professional (LSP License No. 8456), since the inception of the program in 1993. As an LSP, Mr. Stone has authority to provide opinions that establish the direction, content and outcome of response actions at hazardous waste sites in Massachusetts regulated under the revised Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP 310 CMR 40.0000). Under the MCP, the LSP oversees response actions at a disposal site which are conducted in compliance with the MCP regulations, and has the authority to certify that a disposal site has met applicable cleanup requirements and that no further action is required. Mr. Stone is a highly qualified professional who has been providing environmental consulting services for over 20 years. He has rendered LSP opinions for many different types of disposal sites and various phases of investigation under the MCP regulations. For a client to rely upon the LSP, they must have a comfort level with the experience, integrity, honesty, and business ethic of the LSP, attributes for which Mr. Stone and StoneHill employees are often complimented.

Mr. Stone's project experience at hazardous wastes sites in Massachusetts and other states speaks firmly to the depth and breadth of his capabilities and qualifications as an LSP; including his ability to assess unknown conditions at a site, to integrate and analyze complex scientific data, to compare findings to known standards, to evaluate risk in the absence of absolute standards, and to evaluate technical data and information in forming an opinion. Remember, your compliance with the MCP is subject to audit by the MADEP, so the appropriateness and reliability of your LSP’s opinions are directly related to his or her experience and qualifications.

In addition to providing LSP support to all of StoneHill’s Massachusetts projects, Mr. Stone provides LSP services to consulting firms without an LSP. Such relationships have worked seamlessly and allowed firms based outside the region to serve clients involved with properties in Massachusetts. Mr. Stone becomes intimately familiar with the subject site and works closely with project staff to meet the MCP requirement that the LSP have direct oversight involvement with a project. The reliance upon StoneHill by other consulting firms to provide such services is a testament to StoneHill’s work ethic.

Selected Project Summaries

Semiconductor Manufacturer Chlorinated Solvent Release, North Shore, MA
Mr. Stone was retained by IT Corporation to provide LSP support for projects managed at their Massachusetts office. The semiconductor
manufacturer project required review of extensive background documentation to understand a complex scenario of multiple historical chlorinated solvent releases. Extensive chlorinated solvent impacts were identified in both overburden and bedrock groundwater as well as nearby
surface water drainages. The groundwater plumes extended off site beneath numerous commercial properties as well as a residential neighborhood and the site had been designated as a Public Involvement Plan (PIP) site. Mr. Stone met regularly with project staff and conducted site inspections to view the progress of key field activities. The project involved many different types of investigation tools such as soil gas sampling with on-site gas chromatograph analyses, cone penetrometer borings using tools equipped with downhole sensors, and pump tests.


Bus Maintenance Facility, Boston, MA / Industrial Facility, Ware, MA

StoneHill has been retained by environmental consulting firms from within and outside the region without an in-house LSP to provide LSP oversight services. Upon engagement by the client, Mr. Stone reviewed all readily available background documentation and conducted a site inspection to become familiar with the disposal site and current site conditions. Mr. Stone is in regular contact with the project staff, involved with development of work scopes to be implemented, provides peer review of documents for submission to the MADEP, and certifies submittals in accordance with the MCP.

Nashua Street Park Redevelopment, Boston , MA
In the continuing effort to complete the “Emerald Necklace” around Boston, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
(DCR), formerly the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC), as part of the Central Artery /Tunnel Project (CA/T), is developing a former parking lot into a green space park along the south shore of the Charles River. StoneHill was chosen as a MA
SOMWBA certified company to be part of the design/construction team to provide LSP oversight; develop and complete a comprehensive site investigation; assist with site remediation/development plans and specifications; and monitor the site remediation. The project required involvement with numerous negotiations between MADEP, CA/T and DCR representatives. As a result of these negotiations, several common-sense remedial strategies were agreed upon which resulted in significant cost savings and simplification of the site development, including the use of an engineered barrier, geotextile indicator layers to identify boundaries between clean fill and historical urban contaminated fill, and implementation of Activity and Use Limitations.


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